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Core Areas
Upholding the rule of law and judicial independence through the strengthening of policy and enhancement of the legal infrastructure.
Supporting and monitoring the policy and implementation of community welfare efforts through coordination with relevant agencies.

Leading the Nation’s Legal and Judicial System,
and the Government’s Welfare Efforts

To provide advice, coordinate and facilitate in the planning and drafting of legal and welfare policies, in line with the Nation’s aspirations

► People-centred
► Fair
► Just 

1. To provide advisory services relating to written laws, international documents and matters relating to law and justice which have been referred to by the Office of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam, Divisions under the Prime Minister’s Office and other Government agencies;

2. To lead, coordinate and monitor reform efforts to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of the judicial system which upholds the rule of law;

3. Coordinate and monitor the implementation of Syariah Penal Code Order together with the relevant agencies;

4. Support and monitor policy and implementation of community welfare efforts and ensure implementation of commitment through coordination with relevant agencies in providing welfare assistance to those in need such as the poor and destitute;

5. To coordinate and co-monitor the implementation of housing assistance projects for the poor and destitute;

6. To address public complaints specifically on issues relating to law, religion and welfare.

Work scope of the Law and Welfare Division is divided into four (04) main areas:

1. Law
2. Religious matters
3. Welfare
4. Support Services

Responsible to monitor and ensure that the legal and judicial infrastructure is governed and managed well.

Religious matters:
Responsible in monitoring religious matters. 

To support and monitor policies and the implementation of community welfare efforts through coordination with relevant agencies.

Support Services:
Managing administrative and financial affairs and monitoring the management of human resource development for the Law and Welfare Division and Departments under it.